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The best Specialized helmets for mtb and road

Posted on: abr 10, 2020 | Author: VFerrer Bikestore | Categories: Tips and recommendations

Do you know which is the best Specialized helmet for mtb and road? we help you choose it.

Specialized in terms of bicycle helmets, both for mtb and road, in this small article we will try to explain the different characteristics of some of these bicycle helmets and our point of view in this regard.

Although it is true that a Specialized classification of helmets is still maintained based on whether their use is going to be destined for a mountain or road, there are many users who, saving the distances in more extreme cycling modalities such as descent or triathlon for example, we increasingly use the same helmet for both XC and road practice, that is why we are going to carry out a practical classification based on a concept that we are all mobile to assimilate, the price, and what We are going to relate to the Specialized helmets that we understand can serve us a bit of a wild card for several different cycling modalities, that is, being able to use them without any complex on both our road and mtb bikes.

The best specialized helmets for less than € 100

In this segment of specialized bike helmets we can locate weekend or cycling users on a regular basis but without looking for too many claims based on performance or looking to scratch minutes to the chronometer at some other minute, in addition it is also about of cyclists who do not mind wearing the same helmet both in their outings in the mountains and on the road, that is why they are looking for a good helmet that logically gives us safety but above all comfort and that also has a fairly neutral design and that Perfectly combined with our equipment, all these precepts are perfectly perfect, the specialized Chamonix helmet and the Echelon II, both with MiPS system.

Specialized Chamonix bike helmet

The Specialized Chamonix helmet has a modern design.

On the first hand, the specialized Chamonix helmet is a helmet that incorporates a lot of technical characteristics that it seems that we are not talking about a bicycle helmet for less than 100 , for example; A very effective ventilation system thanks to the 4th Dimension design, Tri-Fix adjustment, full compatibility with the ANGi system and an adaptability of spectacular colors thanks to its design available today in 8 colors, if you are looking for your first bicycle helmet at very good price but without giving up a current and modern design and above all that gives you security, the Chamonix is ​​a very good purchase option.

Specialized Echelon II MiPS bike helmet

Something more sporty is the Specialized Echelon II MiPS helmet

On the other hand, within the range of economic Specialized helmets we have the Specialized Echelon II MIPs helmet, with an exterior design we can say a little more sporty and incorporating a more streamlined shape than the Chamonix with a front channel that reminds us a bit to the Specialized Propero helmet, this helmet is also available in less than 10 different colors, very compact in appearance with improved ventilation, more oriented to the road rider but being able to use without any problem in mtb, it also has a powerful retention system with several positions combined with a micro adjustment dial in the purest style of high-end helmets.

The best Specialized helmet for mtb and road

From our humble opinion and bassed by the comments that our clients provide us and above all from our own experience of use, both riding a road and mountain bike, the helmet that today we can affirm as the best of Specialized from the perspective of its price, its characteristics, its design and its versatility is the Specialized Propero III.

Specialized Propero III bike helmet

Specialized Propero III maximum versatility and performance

The Specialized Propero family of helmets, possibly together with The Prevail, is one of the most recognized ranges of bicycle helmets inside and outside for lovers of the Specialized brand, it is a helmet that already incorporates design and competitive shapes without giving up not at all necessary ventilation thanks to its 4th Dimension cooling system, it also has a Hairport FSL II adjustment system with 4 positions and 4x DryLite straps among other technological advances, possibly leaving aside the SWorks range, we are facing one of the best bike helmets of the moment.

Surely you can miss some helmet model Specialized in this article such as the more than recognized SWorks Prevail II MiPS (one of the most valued cycling helmets in 2019), but we believe that since it is a high-end helmet already it is supposed to incorporate the specific characteristics to a certain extent to justify its higher price, that is why we have tried to focus on those specialized helmets that incorporate many improvements and technical details that on many occasions we believe are part of the more expensive helmets. high But in these cases it is not so and we can enjoy a very good specialized helmet with a great contribution of safety and prices at really very competitive prices.