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The best Specialized lights for your bike

Posted on: may 21, 2020 | Author: VFerrer BikeStore | Categories: Store News

Safety must come first when we practice cycling and Specialized is very aware of this, which is why every year it incorporates new light models into its already extensive catalog.

"Innovate or die" that is the motto that marks the constant path in the evolution of Specialized, not only in the development and manufacture of its bicycles but also in that of any range of accessories and accessories for cycling, occupying a place The lights of Specialized are increasingly important in this quest for continuous improvement, given the volume that the catalog of accessories and complements of Specialized has acquired in this sense, we consider it appropriate to make a first assessment of which, to our humble knowledge, represent the best Specialized lights to mount on your bike.

The best Specialized bike lights

As each of our analyzes starts from the reasons on which we are based to be able to choose a product that stands out above the rest, it is not easy and for tastes colors, that is why we expose the criteria by which we are based on the choice, which are; its price, its ease of use, its design and finally its adaptability.

Based on the evaluation of all the criteria set out above, we believe it fair to state that today the best Specialized lights you can buy are Specialized Stix lights, we go in parts;

The Stix lights today are below 50 euros depending on whether it is the front light or the rear light, but what we like most is that there is a "combo" option in which we can do for the pair of front and rear Stix for less than 70 euros, which taking into account the characteristics of each of them is a more than reasonable price given its proven quality.

Specialized Stix powerful and compact lights for your bike

Specialized Stix powerful and compact lights

Specialized Stix combo is the cheapest option

Stix front / rear lights combo option at the best price

In terms of power and modes of use, the Stix lights collect all the functionalities that you may need when you travel on the road or on the trail, regardless of whether you do it first thing in the morning, at midday or at sunset, please And here is a personal tip, try not to go out at night with your bike unless it is completely necessary.

In terms of power, it is spectacular the lumens that they handle for their size, for example in the case of the Stix Elite 2 (front light) in its "power flash" mode it is capable of bursts of 100 lumens, in the case of the rear light (red projection) can go up to 18 lumens.

Another aspect to consider is the compactness of its construction, hence the name of Stix, it effectively resembles in size to the first removable memory USB that came onto the market, they really are very compact lights that are perfectly integrated into our bicycle without assuming a bulky accessory or that may even bother us.

Stix lights mounting bracket for SWat compatible saddles

Mounting Stix lights on a SWat compatible saddle

Specialized Stix lights mounted on a bicycle luggage rack.

Mounting the Stix on a luggage rack

Positive assessment also in terms of the ease of its placement and removal of its support when we do not use it or want to remove it for loading, no bulky supports with which we must use tools to remove the light from the bicycle, with the Specialized Stix that does not happen and we can put or remove the light, both rear and front, with total comfort and speed.

Finally we must also consider the capacity and possibilities offered by the bicycle light to be able to be mounted on it, in this aspect the Specialized Stix is unrivaled, today we have different types of both rigid and flexible supports that allow us to mount the Stix light without any problem on our bike, be it mtb, road or touring bike and in such a way that it is fully integrated with the design of the same, or what is the same, that the Stix light is part of the bicycle itself and not as an addition to the fee, that is why among others we can find mechanisms that allow us to anchor it to the handlebars, the seatpost, the saddle itself (in SWat models) or even the luggage carrier itself.

For all the above, from VFerrer Bikes we believe that today the best lights you can mount on your bike are the Specialized Stix, with them you can see and be more seen on the road, in the mountains or in the city.

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