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The new Specialized Recon 1.0 versus Sport Mtb

Posted on: mar 3, 2020 | Author: VFerrer BikeStore | Categories: Store News

Within the new generation of Specialized MTB shoes under the same name of Recon, we analyze the differences and similarities of the new Recon 1.0 versus the previous Specialized Sport MTB shoes.

Specialized in its constant commitment to innovation and continuous renewal of its products for cyclists, it has renewed its entire range of MTB and XC shoes, adopting the name of Recon inherited from the S-Works Recon, which is why we now also have the latter the versions Recon 3.0, Recon 2.0 and Recon 1.0 which are the shoes with which we are going to make this small review.

Zapatillas Specialized Recon 1.0

The Specialzied Recon 1.0 shoes mean the natural evolution of the previous MTB Sport shoes both for the application of their use and the public they are intended for and for the price range in which they are established, we are faced with MTB shoes of level of Introduction to the Recon range that are below 100 euros.

Below we can see the differences in decoration between Recon 1.0 (left) and Sport MTB (right).

Nuevo diseño para las Specialized Recon 1.0

Detail of the letter change of Specialized in the Recon

Cambió de diseño en el talón de las Recon 1.0

Detail of the new design of the Recon 1.0 on its heel.

The first where we notice the change between the new Recon 1.0 and the previous Sport MTB is logically its exterior design, we can appreciate that the new Recon 1.0 retain the 3 velcro closures but these have been stylized by changing their design and even introducing microperforated material with the that the integration with the shoe assembly is much better, the last velcro adjustment mechanism (which exerts a greater pressure) has also been replaced by an anchor that in addition to offering greater robustness allows a better adjustment to the instep.

Las Recon 1.0 mejoran el ajuste del empeine siendo más flexible

The instep in the Recon (left) has become more flexible to offer a better fit.

El anclaje del último velcro de las Recon 1.0 ha mejorado

The anchor of the last velcro has an elastic support that improves its fit without deforming the upper area.

Continuing along the instep, the material that mostly covers a more elastic and at the same time more breathable material has been significantly modified.

Another change we find with these new Recon 1.0 is the inner tongue (it can be seen in the previous image), much more comfortable and with a better touch and fit than the previous one present in the MTB Sport, in addition its new design allows a better fit on foot.

At this point just by analyzing the top of the Recon 1.0 versus the MTB Sport we see that special emphasis has been placed on improving its ergonomics, comfort and fit, on the other hand basic concepts of the philosophy that applies the Body Geometry technology.

The reinforcement on the toe of the Recon 1.0 has also been improved especially on the sides where a material is also used that, in addition to offering greater protection, continues to offer greater flexibility and adaptation. We also appreciate changes in the heel reinforcement, especially at the level of having an increase in the protected area.

Nueva puntera más reforzada en las Recon 1.0

The toe is more reinforced towards the sides in Recon 1.0

Talonera de las Specialized Recon 1.0

The heel pad also features a new, more flexible but reinforced design.

We arrive at the sole area where one of the most important changes in the new Recon 1.0 is applied, the STRIDE toe-flex technology provides flexibility especially in the front area just below the toes that at no time can we find with the previous MTB Sport, also maintains a stiffness level of 6.0 so maintaining a good level of stiffness in general gains in a considerable increase of comfort especially walking in particular.

La nueva suela de las Specialized Recon 1.0 es más flexible

Spectacular change in the shape of the sole between Recon 1.0 and Sport MTB

The rest of the sole keeps the rubber SlipNot compound with which the grip is secured but the shape and layout of the tacking has changed substantially based on the previous Sport MTB to favor the new comfort features offered by these Recon 1.0

In short, we find something more than a name change, in view it is that certain improvements have been incorporated that directly affect both the comfort and performance offered by the Recon 1.0 and the best of all is that all this is achieved from the point of view of maintaining a more than affordable price for MTB shoes of these characteristics.

In our section of MTB Specialized shoes you will find the new Recon 1.0 in the two current colors, totally black and red / black, and also a very good offer of sale of the Sport MTB.