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The new Angi sensor, safety in your helmet

Posted on: may 22, 2019 | Author: VFerrer BikeStore | Categories: Store News

Do you already have a helmet and want the peace of mind that ANGi brings? Now ANGi is compatible with most cycling helmets on the market.

Sensor baliza de emergencia Angi para cascos

From today you can convert your helmet, regardless of its brand, into a real-time locator, impact detector and safety beacon, WITHOUT ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION FEES.

Most important features of the new Specialized Angi sensor


We have transformed the conventional bicycle helmet into an intelligent device for tracking in real time, accident detector and safety beacon. No annual fees, and a design that works practically in any click helmet models .; ANGi not only offers you protection, but connects to help you when you need it the most.


It is a patented sensor that once mounted on the helmet is able to measure the forces transmitted during an impact, as well as the damaging rotation forces that occur in an accident when the helmet does not really hit the ground, think that Do not always get the helmet an impact on all your falls.


ANGi technology is compatible with almost any cycling helmet, both mountain and road, we also inform you that all Specialized helmets from 2019 onwards are compatible.


  1. Protection Before, Angi is a tracker that communicates to your emergency contacts your route to where you are going, and even if you want to, they can even follow it in real time.
  2. Protection During, ANGi detects and communicates accidents, it is as if you always have a friend by your side, think how many times you have thought of your exits alone.
  3. Protection After, being a safety beacon, if you have a fall Angi will notify your emergency contacts that you have had a fall and send them your location.