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The new Specialized Evade II helmet arrives to VFerrer

Posted on: feb 23, 2018 | Author: VFerrer Bikes | Categories: Store News

We present the latest novelty regarding Specialized helmets, the new Evade II helmet, which presents a series of improvements that will not leave you indifferent respect its previous version. Remember that you have this helmet available in our physical stores and our website.

The Specialized S-Works Evade helmet is one of the fastest helmets of this brand so far. With the new Specialized S-Works Evade II, Specialized has introduced many changes to solve and improve some of the deficiencies that users have found in its first version.

The new Specialized Evade II helmet will surprise you

Innovations and improvements of the new Evade helmet from Specialized.

First of all, the new Evade model improves the ventilation with its 4th Dimension system with five deep internal channels, which have three large and high in and out air central channels that make it the best aerodynamics and ventilation combination.

The Evade previous model was one of the faster aerodynamic racing helmets, saving 46 seconds over 40 km. But in the new Evade II, conceived and tested in the Specialized Wind Tunnel, has improved this time in 6 seconds.

The 4th dimension ventilation system has aerodynamic ventilation channels
The ventilation channels also provide better aerodynamics

The tip of the Evade II is shorter than the original
The new Evade has been created and tested in the Wind Tunnel

On the other hand, both models have the Aramid-reinforced skeleton that provides support to the internal Energy Optimized Multi-Density EPS and also helps to manage the energy from the impacts.

Another improvement that we can find in the S-Works Evade II is the Ultra-light Mindset HairPort II system with micro-dial to a perfect fit and a greater lightness.

Although the straps are the same, the closure has been improved
The closing system changes between the Evade and Evade II models

The design of the new evade is shorter and rounded
The Evade II has a more curved and rounded design

One of the notable changes is its closure system, since the new Evade II has a magnetic buckle with two powerful magnets that held the helmet safely in a simple way. However, this helmet maintains the Instrap belt system and the Tri-Fix regulation system that offers an ultralight and safe construction with high comfort and an easy regulation.

Finally, both helmets have a similar design, but the S-Works Evade II has a shorter end and a rounded shape with more curved details tan the previous one. Its interior presents more important changes, due to the Gutter Action front pad design, that increases the comfort and sweat management. Also, both helmets share the thin, soft and light 4X DryLite webbing that doesn’t stretch out with sweat or water.

The tip of the Evade II is shorter than the previous model
The cropped tip gives a completely different appearance
For more info about the new Specialized Evade, see

In April, Specialized has launched an exclusive edition dedicated to the UCI World Champion Peter Sagan, in which, among others, a very limited version of the Evade II case has been decorated for the occasion in black with gold details that include its screen-printed signature, all a helmet beauty.
SWorks Evade Peter Sagan Colección
Sworks Evade Peter Sagan's Collection LTD