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Specialized Pumps 

Specialized floor and frame pumps to mountain or road bikes, available models with adapter thread to different valves, with cartridge included, and made with aluminium or carbon. Choose your pump according to its max pressure, volume-per-stroke and color.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

Floor and portable Specialized pumps

It is always advisable to have several types of pumps, both for home and to carry them in the pocket of the jersey, in a storage bag or the frame of your bike during races to save us from unexpected punctures and keep the tyres of your bike with a correct pressure to road with greater efficiency and performance. One of the main aspects that you must be taken into consideration is that you must differentiate between MTB and road pumps, being possible to find pumps to use them in both cases. To find the type of pump that best suits your needs, you can consider some of these features:

↳ Floor pump: it is an accessory that can't be missing in every cyclist's house. Due to the larger size of its air chamber you can inflate the tyres more quickly. In addition, it allows to inflate the tyres that need high pressure and its vertical design allows to use both hands and all the weight of the body to help inflate them.
↳ Portable pumps: these pumps with a very useful tool for those cyclists who road many days, as it can save you from any unforeseen event. Hand pumps are also very easy to transport because they can be stored safely and comfortably in the jersey pocket, in a storage bag or in the bicycle frame with a water bottle boss mount.
↳ Type of head: the wheels have different valves, Shraeder and Presta, depending the type of bicycle. Presta valves are thinner and have a small threaded nut that allows the air to be sealed at high pressures. And Shraeder valves are larger and are the same as those of cars. Some of the pumps that you can find in this section have double heads compatible with both valves or have an adapter to use them in both cases.
↳ CO2 cartridge: there are pumps that have carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinders inside its body that allow inflate the tyre with the necessary pressure to continue your road. These cylinders are a quick and practical solution to fix a tyre and can be easily replaced when consumed.
↳ Max pressure: the maximum pressure output of a pump is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch), which is the amount of air that can be put into a tyre. The volume of air that a bicycle rim can hold must have a greater pressure to support the weight of the cyclist and prevent it from deforming during pedaling or hitting with obstacles. For this reason, road bikes can range from 90 to 180 PSI depending on the use to which the bicycle is intended. And, on the other hand, mountain bikes vary from 40 to 45 PSI.