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The best Specialized summer cycling shorts

Posted on: abr 14, 2020 | Author: VFerrer Bikestore | Categories: Tips and recommendations

Possibly within the cyclist's equipment this is the most important component to take into account since it is the element that is in constant contact between the cyclist and his bicycle, this is taken into account Specialized so we tell you how he designs and produces his colottes in summer.

It should be borne in mind that the practice of cycling in summer implies that many atmospheric components come into play that directly affect our sensations while we are on the bicycle, regardless of whether we are in the middle of a trail or climbing a mountain pass, although although it is true that we can say that on asphalt there is a greater implication of these factors given the condition of the reflective element of this material.

Specialized summer bib shorts

That said, we can list some environmental and physical factors that our cycling team must be able to absorb and control in the best possible way, and that is where Specialized puts all its emphasis, such as; temperature, humidity, the incidence of UV rays and perspiration, among others. All this must be put on the plane that we are referring to shorts, or what is the same, to a cyclist accessory that is in constant movement and also in constant contact with the saddle of our bicycle, therefore, it is more that justified that if to the importance of this garment itself, we unite the characteristics that a cyclist finds in his summer outings at high temperatures and extreme humidity conditions, we can say for sure that the cullotte is one of the main accessories to take into account in your choice and purchase, all this implies that you must necessarily make a constant analysis of these factors and apply improvements in its preparation, in this we again make an incidence that Specialized is one of the few brands in which it has with an exclusive innovation and development department for this, where their garments are tested by professional cycling teams, both road and mtb, receiving or your impressions and evaluations to apply in your designs and thus be able to manufacture cycling clothing of total quality and performance.

What is important in the Specialized summer shorts?

Without having to go into technical aspects and sophisticated terms, it is quite clear that in summer we need to have a culotte that is comfortable first of all, in this the pad has a very important role, in addition to adjusting perfectly to our body, it must protect us in the as much as possible from ultraviolet (UV) rays and therefore not not having a high degree of breathability, therefore the 3 main pillars of the short cullotte Specialized or for summer are comfort, protection and breathability.

Specialized Comp short summer

A good summer culotte incorporates mesh fabric to improve perspiration, especially in summer.

Perfect adjunts for the Specialized bib shorts

This type of material also favors the fit to the rider's body as well as an optimal evaporation of sweat.

Breathability and protection of the cullottes Specialized for summer

Logically, the temperature and humidity factors that we find in summer cause an increase in sweating, this increase makes it necessary for our summer cullote to be able to transfer this excess sweating to the exterior to avoid in this way that we have the feeling that our cullotte is always drenched in sweat, in addition the constant presence of sweat in contact with the skin on the move is more than likely that the more than uncomfortable rubbing with our skin originates, so that cycling can no longer be everything satisfactory that we want.

Breathable in specialized shorts for the summer

A good summer cullote must not only consider the parts that are in contact with our legs and thighs as breathable parts, it is very important to breathe the area of the cullote straps and the piece that joins them, that is, the The central area of the cullote that receives sweat from our trunk is where a lot of sweat accumulates, lately the cullotes for summer have this area made of a mesh-like fabric that in addition to being elastic, very necessary in this area to favor the position of the cyclist on the bicycle, it is also very breathable.

How is the Specialized chamois in your shorts?

The chamois of a culotte is largely responsible for making us have a good morning of sport with our bicycle or that it becomes an ordeal and the only thing we want is to return to our house as soon as possible, in addition it is one of the elements where the price of a culotte is more than justified, it is true that regarding prices in the market there is a very wide range, on certain occasions we are very surprised to see some prices of short or summer shorts that are so low that we They make you think about how the chamois they incorporate will be (if you can call it that), and it is true that on many occasions it is a piece of foam sewn to the cullotte that has little to do with a cycling chamois that in its elaboration has had taking into account the physiognomy and support areas of the cyclist, the shape of their seams to avoid friction and much less the material in which they are made to evacuate sweat, in addition, they are usually materials that are deformed by use and speaking clearly, in two washes we have lost our money.

Body Geometry for the chamois of the Specialized culottes

The basis of a good chamois design is based on the perfect preliminary analysis according to the Body Geometry parameters of Specialized.

Perfect design on a Specialized culotte chamois

It is about achieving the greatest possible comfort on the bike and being able to enjoy cycling from start to finish.

In the previous paragraph we have already given some brushstrokes of how a good cycling bib pad should look, first of all it must be made of a material that is at least able to evaporate sweat, its seams must be made in such a way that they do not cause friction and its shape must adapt perfectly to our contour and not deform from use, then it may already have more characteristics depending on the quality levels of summer cullotte but at least this should be met.

Other important aspects in the Specialized bib shorts

It is not superfluous to value some characteristics that the Specialized bibs incorporate and that are worthy of review, many of them are part of the entire collection of summer bib shorts, so they are present throughout the range without considering the different levels of finish;

✓ Specialized incorporates the Body Geometry "Sport Padding" design in its culottes to offer a perfectly adjustable design to the rider's body, and in most of them it uses a material called "Action elasthan", these characteristics as the presence of flat seams in many of the Their models (prevent friction when pedaling) make Specialized bib shorts one of the best rated based on the opinions of cyclists.

✓ The girl's cycling shorts, in addition to the logical change in the sizes, also incorporate design improvements such as a different arrangement of the straps, there are even models like the Specialized RBX Sport Woman that lacks the straps and a specific padding design for the chamois. woman.

✓ Every time we can find more summer culottes on the market that incorporate UV protection, such is the case of the cullotte Specialized SL Expert thanks to its "Tahiti" and "Action 225" fabrics.

✓ Little by little we also find summer tops that incorporate an increasingly wide elastic area above the knee to improve the fit to the thighs and thus maintain the perfect attachment of the top to the body.

✓ Something very basic, although on many occasions we are overlooked, is the color of our culottes in summer, try to use light-colored shorts that help to a certain extent to better dissipate the temperature and to retain the minimum heat.

We hope you liked this overview of Specialized bib shorts and why we consider them to be among the best that exist on the market today, if you wish you can visit our Specialized bib shorts section that we have on our website where you will also find numerous offers and promotions.