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The Specialized S-Works 7 shoes are here

Posted on: abr 19, 2018 | Author: VFerrer Bikes | Categories: Store News

Specialized releases its new S-Works 7 cycling shoes, with a huge amount of improvements over its previous version that manage to increase power, performance and comfort like never before. We tell you all about the new shoes in our post.

The new Specialized S-Works 7 shoes arrive with a lot of improvements respect their previous version, the Specialized S-Works 6, that improve its performance, power transmission and comfort due to its new technologies and materials.

Discover the new Specialized S-Works 7 Shoes

One of the features they keep in this new model in relation to the S-Works 6 is the Body Geometry sole with an ergonomic design and hip-knee-foot alignment that allows the rider to increase power, efficiency, and reduce the risk of injury.

Another similarity between both models is the Padlock heel that holds the heel firmly improving acceleration and providing a greater fit, since it's molded in one piece. Although you can appreciate that it is a little less closed than in the previous model of shoes. Likewise, other aspect that remain is its non-slip and replaceable heel thread with internal screws for a greater safety.

Improvements and changes in Specialized SWorks 7 Road

The S-Works 7 present a stiffness increase due to their carbon FACT Powerline sole, rigid and light, that improves its index from 13.0 to 15.0. This change allows an increase of power transfer in the pedaling.

The PadLock non-slip heel is the same in both models
You can see the wide heel of the new model

The fabric of the new shoes fits the foot perfectly
The fabric of the new shoes fits the foot perfectly

The Dyneema Mesh fabric is one of the upgrades we can find in this new Specialized model. In comparison with the Dyneema Cubic Tech fibers that were available in the S-Works 6, this material allows a better foot fit since it is formed by layers of four-way stretch mesh and TPU, offering the maximum connection and comfort.

The BOA S2-Snap has also been replaced by the BOA S3-Snap made of aluminum with 1 milimeter micro-adjustment. One of the things that attracts attention is its redesign, which is exclusive for this shoes.

On the other hand, the cleat nuts have changed from aluminium and titanium to made of 100% titanium, but they maintain the option to move its pedal or cleats position 5mm rearwards.

The BOA dials are one of the improvements between models
The Boa dials of the S-Works 7 are exclusive

The design of the new S-Works 7 is more elegant
The design of the new S-Works 7 is more elegant

Last but not least, regarding its design, it has been improved to a more sober and elegant form with more shiny details. You can see that the S-Works 7 have more tab, which in the previous model wasn’t appreciated. The design of the BOA has also changed to a totally different and exclusive image for this now model, without the curved reliefs of the BOA S2-Snap. Finally, both models share the Form Fit with roomy toe box, allowing a high comfort and connectivity.

The latest addition to the Specialzied SWorks Road 7 has been the very exclusive launch of the model dedicated to Peter Sagan, which is part of a collection of the same name, it is black shoes with great detail as are the specific boa in gold as well as the heel, Specialized logo and the signature of Peter Sangan silkscreened on one side, a real gem.

Specialized SWorks Road 7 edition Sagan Collection

SWorks Road 7 Peter Sagan Limited Edition