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New SWorks Fast Track, Renegade and Ground Control Tyres

Posted on: abr 27, 2018 | Author: VFerrer Bikes | Categories: Store News

Specialized launches the most competitive S-Works version of its most popular XC tyres, these are Fast Track, Renegade and Ground Control.

Finally we received the long-awaited tires of Specialized for XC competitive S-Works 2bliss Ready version of the Renegade, Fast Track and Ground Control families for lovers of competition and especially for fans of lightweight.

The SWorks versions of the Specialized tires for XC arrive

Do not confuse these models with the previous SWorks that already had in the market, these in question come manufactured with a different coating and technology, logically we must be aware of the use that we can give to these tires, even Specialized remarks that we must use SWorks tires in those situations in which we want an extra speed point, since generally the construction of a SWorks tyres implies a reduction in the height of the tacking or a reduced drawing, if we add a light casing of 120 tpi and a Compound Gripton we obtain a fast tire and at the same time adherent but we have to take into account that the casing SWorks is not equated to the level of protection against punctures with the enclosures type Allround 2BR or Trail Grid.

Fast Track SWorks 2bliss Ready

Possibly the most anticipated since it is one of the best developed competitive Specialized tyres, it combines the S-Works, Gripton Compound and 2Bliss Ready technologies. Composed by a CAD system engineering knob shapes, knob structure is strengthened for optimum braking and traction, but keeps knob surfaces adaptable for control and high speed. Perfect to use in dry, hard packed to intermediate terrain conditions. We currently have these tires available in versions 29x2.1 and 29x2.3

Specialized Fast Track SWorks 2bliss Ready
Weight of 582 grs for this Fast Track version

Specialized Ground Control SWorks 2bliss Ready
Just 600 grs for Ground Control tyre

Ground Control SWorks 2bliss Ready

As we show in the photo, it is spectacular the weight of just 600 grams for a Trail tyres, currently available in version 29x2.1, it is one of the lightest trail tires on the market considering that they also meet the characteristics Gripton Compound being 2Bliss Ready, a very versatile tire with a spectacular weight that also has an optimal knob shapes in situations of trail routes in many conditions, achieving optimal grip, braking and traction..

Renegade SWorks 2bliss Ready

The lightest of all, a tire of pure competition for XC, very very fast so that allows great accelerations respecting grip in curve, very suitable for dry and compact terrain conditions without sacrificing traction in ascent or braking , now has its version SWorks 2bliss Ready for measurement in 29x2.1, like the previous incorporates the Gripton Compound technology to improve adherence.

Specialized SWorks Renegade 29x2.1
Lightness of the Renegade S Works tyres

As you can see, they are all high-performance competition tires, in which Specialized, in addition to wanting to obtain a range of lightweight tires, the main feature of the SWorks family, has maintained in its design and construction aspects as important as grip and traction. , very good option for races or marches where we want to win!