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Swat Specialized - MTN Tube Spool

Posted on: jun 2, 2018 | Author: VFerrer BikeStore | Categories: Tips and recommendations

SWAT (Storable Water Air Tools) or what is the same: "take everything you need on your bike in the best way occupying the least space possible", that is, "forget you have it", with this philosophy Specialized has reinvented all a range of accessories of first necessity in your rides with your bicycle, modifying and redesigning its shape to be able to adapt them to the own design of the bicycle and that the integration is perfect, as it does for example the Kit Tube Tool 29 MTN.

SWAT philosophy implies carrying what you need on your bike without you noticing it, among the wide range of products that incorporate this technology in its design include all those related to the transport of tools and basic spare parts as is the case of the MTN Tube Spool, specifically designed its storage in the diagonal tube using the SWAT Tm Door system, which enables a compartment on mountain bicycles where we can insert this basic repair kit.

Specialized SWat Technology - Diagonal tube compartment

What's the function of the Specialized MTN Tube Spool?

Mainly to be able to repair big punctures or cuts in the covers that force us to replace or in your case, mount a tube, sure that in more than one occasion it has happened to you or to a biker friend who has cracked the flank of his covers in a descent and the sealing liquid has not been able to repair this puncture, lately we are all forgetting a bit, either for comfort or for being a few geeks of the weight and just take what is necessary and just, to remember that today we carry a spare tube is still a guarantee of success and at the same time also a necessity, that's where the Specialized Tube Tool Kit 29 MTB comes into play.

What does the repair kit contain?

Of everything necessary to solve a puncture of a certain width, that is why this kit consists of:

  • CO2 valve head and two-sided tire lever snap into place for compact and secure storage
  • Holds a single threaded 25g CO2 cartridge
  • Fits up to 48mm long tube valve stems
  • Hook and loop strap can slide side to side to accomodate all different size mountain tubes

Specialized Tube Spool

How is the Tube tool mounted in a Specialized Bike?

There is the secret and the good work of the engineers of Specialized, in a very compact way and supported by a kind of plastic structure together with an elastic band, we are able to transport all these components in a safe way and without any  movement in our Specialized frameset, this repair kit comes assembled as follows::

The Specialized Tube Tool 29 kit initially folded.

All the components of the kit are subject to a membrane with an elastic band that allows its use for several tube sizes.

Unfolding the tube of the SWat Specialized Tube Spool

We unfold the tube and access the body of the Tube Tool kit where we access the assembly tools.

Orifice where the valve of the tube is inserted with all the security for the frame of the Specialized

Detail of how the valve of the tube is inserted in a hole to protect the inside of the frame since it is a metallic component, we can use tubes with a valve length of up to 48 cm.

Components of the Specialized Tube Tool 29 MTN

All the components of the complete Tube Tool 29, the clamps, the C02 cartridge with its valve and the 29er MTB tube, Specialized SWat technology applied.