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The Specialzied Power saddle, a revolution

Posted on: feb 3, 2020 | Author: VFerrer BikeStore | Categories: Store News

The Specialized Power saddle has marked a before and after in the comfort of the cyclist on the bike, we tell you some interesting features about it.

Surely if you are passionate about cycling and you like ride your bicycle on the mountain or on the road, you will have ever experienced how uncomfortable it can be to practice cycling when we get to the point in that we no longer know how to sit in our saddle, I think we have experienced this situation more than once, how bad it is to think about how much we have left to get home to take as little as possible instead of enjoying the environment practicing our favorite sport.

In the field of comfort on the bicycle can influence many aspects, some related to the bicycle model itself, others with the components that it mounts or even its regulation, many others on our way of giving pedals ... but if there is one of them that marks in a very determined way our sense of well-being or on the contrary; of torture, on our bike, that is the saddle of the bicycle.

The Specialized Power saddle, a revolution.

Amazing new design for the Specialized Power saddle range

A single cover forms the Specialized Power

Rigid cover with what the Specialized Power saddle is made

Sports line for an ergonomic saddle, this is the Power of Specialized

The Specialized Saddle unites performance and ergonomics

The Specialized Power saddle offers a wide support area

Spectacular wide support area offered by the Specialized Power saddle


Until a few years ago, the brands of bicycle components, both mountain and road, opted for increasingly minimalist designs in their saddles, focusing many actions to reduce grams of weight wherever it could be to thereby move an image bicycle saddle tending to improve the performance of the cyclist, even to the detriment of his comfort, or what is the same "what is good for running will never be comfortable."

What happens then when a brand like Specialized, with a competitive philosophy so marked at the level of professional teams, combines its performance knowledge with its spectacular database of knowledge in the field of cycling ergonomics provided by its Body Geometry Fit product development department? When this occurs we obtain as a result products capable of providing the best possible results from the perspective not only of the performance obtained but also of the ergonomics offered, that is why we can consider the Specialized Power saddle, as a great cycling advance in this aspect, since that logically something that produces well-being and comfort in sports practice will improve my feelings in it and therefore my performance will be much better.

Specialized Power, the best performance

Really when the design of the Specialized Power saddle was presented for the first time, more than a suspicion was generated about its effectiveness and even about its suitability for its circulation in the sales channel, this is logical point of view what Specialized had accustomed us with Its very stylized shapes contributed by the design of its Romin, Phenom or Toupé saddles, we started from the base of some bicycle saddles very in line with an aggressive design to a wider saddle and why not say it, not so pretty.

Spectacular design for the limited edition of the Power Down Under

Limited edition of the Power Down Under saddle

That is why we had to explain very well why this new design applied to a range of saddles and nothing better than doing it in terms of cyclist ergonomics on your bike, but not only from a perspective of shapes or modeling, but from the point of view of dynamic support pressures, that is, how we rely on the saddle while we are cycling, and that is where the Specialzied Power saddle is unrivaled in terms of applying these concepts to its design.

What is the range of Specialized Power saddles?

Without wanting to go into very technical aspects and from a broad perspective, the Power was, at the beginning, a very special saddle because of its shape as we have indicated previously. This consisted of a kind of very fine tile at the beginning, which was gradually widening, for reasons of functionality, not aesthetics. The saddle was born with the function of fully adapting to the hamstrings, and not simply to be used for support. In the middle of the saddle, there was a padded ditch that gave you more mobility and a less rigid feeling. You will see that this groove has been replicated in the following models developed by Specialized, since it was a winning combination.

What is achieved based on tests and pressure measurements is to perform a precise and perfect mapping of the support areas, calibrating at any time the volume of pressure individually and drawing a relationship of it with the volume of blood flow used in the same, this support and control data together with the Body Geometry technology, of which Specialized is a pioneer, allows to design a saddle that adapts perfectly to the cyclist's physiognomy in practically all situations without losing any related parameters at any time In the process, that is, the Specialized Power saddle is capable of abandoning the old belief that a purely competitive saddle is not comfortable and, conversely, with Power we combine both concepts into one.

At first some doubted the effectiveness of this form or even thought that it was only an attractive design, more than what Specialized tried to modify what was already proven, nothing could be further from reality, the Mark worked hard on tests and tests to adapt the saddle and its shape to the physiognomy of the cyclist from the point of view of cyclist kinematics applied in the dynamics of the distribution of moving pressures. Each size was adjusted with great care. In addition, it was possible to develop a unisex design, valid whether you are a man or a woman, a very important aspect when considering aspects of different natural physiognomies.

After a few days of adaptation, you will find the key in comfort. In addition, since its initial configuration in a single model, today there have been various adaptations that have resulted in a collection of saddles that define the Power concept, without considering the range of finishes of each of them (SWorks, Pro, Expert ...). We now go on to detail in detail the particular aspects of the Power saddles, the Power Arc and the Power Mimic.

Specialized Power saddle

This version has the ergonomic inspiration necessary to achieve a comfortable saddle and aggressive motivation, allowing at all times a correct support of the ischia. Like all of this range, the Power saddle is unisex and this ensures the passage of blood flow to sensitive arteries in both men and women thanks to the careful pressure mapping performed and evaluated in different professional and amateur cyclists of both sexes.

Specialized Power Comp the best selling saddle

The Power Comp is one of the most sold Power saddles

The body geometry is a fundamental element, which is applied by an elongated shape and an extra wide channel or ditch, this aspect provides a longer duration, while the soft areas give you comfort over long distances, Combine different padding areas with the objective to reduce the pressure exerted on the genital area, the level of padding that incorporates the Power saddle is a function of the finish we are talking about, for example the Power S-Works has a level 1 clutch, it is the lightest and thus allows a connection with the most direct bicycle.

Greater technology means, in this case, more comfortable support for those who are always looking for another kilometer.

Power Arc saddle

What it is about achieving with the Power Arc is, maintaining the same philosophy that represents and designs the original Power, providing it with a capacity of "liberation" that allows the cyclist to be able to move on it in an agile and fast way, sure that If you are a mountain bike lover you will know how important it is to have freedom of movement on the saddle and that these are also as fast as possible. That is why the Power is redesigned to grant it in a way with a more pronounced fall in the central support area, that is, it allows you more mobility; It is as if it were something more rounded, something very useful in the practice of mountain biking where we need to move more on our saddle. In addition, its tip is shorter, so that the mobility gain is more than assured.

More rounded shapes for the Power Arc

More rounded shapes in the Power Arc design

We can summarize that the Power Arc saddle is shorter and rounded than the original while maintaining the rest of its peculiarities, such as being a unisex saddle, whose main function is to facilitate the mobility of the cyclist, so we see it very suitable for Cyclists who practice any type of mountain bike or XC, based on our own experience also facilitated by the opinions of our customers, we consider the Power Arc as one of the best saddles that can be had when it comes to mountain biking.

Power MIMIC saddle

This variant is focused for women who want to maintain an aggressive posture while driving. Its development and previous tests have been similar to the other versions of the Specialized Power. In a nutshell, it is a Power adapted exclusively to female physiognomy, its comfort starts from a wide and elongated groove, and a very comfortable padding to provide you with support in the front genital area, it is about making a design that allows you to maintain balance and minimize swelling in soft tissues that many women suffer.

Specialized Mimic designed for women

Specialized Mimic, designed specifically for women

Elaston finish

Not to be confused with one more Power saddle model, this is how we indicate a different finish tending to further increase the comfort level offered by the Power, what is done is the replacement of the traditional PU padding with a new structure injected in Elaston foam that thanks to small bubbles perfectly distributed are able to increase the comfort of the cyclist.

Currently the Elaston finish is present in the Pro ranges of the traditional Power saddle and Power Arc.

Our opinion about the Power saddle

Since the appearance of the Specialized Power saddle, issues such as supports or mobility have been addressed with greater possibilities, leaving aside the concept that performance must be at odds with comfort. Without a doubt, you are facing one of the last revolutions of cycling, thanks again to Specialized.

In our section of Specialized saddles you can find the whole range of Power saddles in different sizes and colors.

Below we show you a small video that we made in the launch of the Power Arc family of saddles and the new Elaston finish (in spanish);