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Handlebars, grips and tape 

Handlebar, grips and tare are also a fundamental part of your bike. Exist a lot of Specialized products with different designs, colors, range of fit, etc. Find the one that best suits your needs and the design that you like.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items

Specialized handlebars, grips and tapes.

The handlebars, grips and tapes are a fundamental part to maintain maximum performance in your roads. These have materiales and technologies that suits your needs and provide many features that improve control, comfort and connection with the bike. The main feature to take in consideration is the differentiation those destined for MTB or road bikes, because it can provide your a new aesthetic, decrease the weight or improve the aerodynamic. So you can find the handlebar, grips or tape that adjust to your needs and you can follow some of these aspects:

 Handlebar material: depending on this feature we can have some advantages. In the case of alloy handlebars, they offer greater rigidity but it's a little bit heavier. On the other hand, the carbon handlebars resist the big pressures on the MTB handlebars, offers a greater elasticity to absorb the energy of any blow, reduce the vibrations in the handlebar and provides more lightness. 

 Height and width of the handlebar: you can find flat or double height mountain bike handlebars. The flat option offer a more aerodynamic posture because you get a mor aggressive position, it's perfect if you are looking for comfort and efficiency due to its position of the hands is lower. The double height option are lower in the area of the power and go up a few centimeters at the ends that allow you to release the tension of your hands and arms releasing more weight and reducing fatigue. For example, the Specialized Mini Rise is a handlebar that has 10 mm of rise and consider it a flat bar. On the other hand, the Specialized Low Rise has a higher rise of 27 mm and consider it a double height bar.

 Curve of the road handlebar: you must attend to the ramp and the hook, due to it will provide you a series of advantages. The ramp is the zone of the beginning of the descending curve where the brake and derailleurs of changes are usually placed, according to their inclination it will condition the rest of handlebars- On the other hand, the hook is the part of the curve, which varies facilitating the grip and the postural possibilities of the cyclist. 

 Fall of the road handlebar: it is the final part of the handlebar that can offer you different advantages depending if the fall is low of high. When it's low it can help you to change your whole body and offer less aerodynamic resistance, while when it's high it will provide you a greater comfort. If you observe the Specialized Allow Shallow Bend bar has a ergonomic fall and this mean that allow you keep a comfortable position. But the Specialized S-Works Aerofly Carbon handlebar has a higher fall and the cyclist adopt a aerodynamic position.

 Grips width: this feature can bring you more comfort depending your pedaling. There are thin grips for small hands and thick grips for large hands, although depending to your pedaling style you may feel more comfortable with one of these options. With a large grip you can feel more comfortable due to it provide absorption of the vibrations.

 Grip material: some grips are made with a combination of compounds, mixing hard materials inside with soft materials on the outside. You can choose between plastic, leather or cork grips, according to your needs.

 Material of the tape: in the case of the tapes, the material and its thickness mus be take care of, since it will influence on the grip. moisture absorption, durability and comfort. A tape of greater thickness will have a high absorption of the vibrations and the thinner is more you will hace greater sensitivity in the road. In this section you can find synthetic, cork or leather tapes.