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Cyclist Jackets and raing jacket 

Protect yourself from the cold in winter with Specialized jackets and rain jackets, available in various sizes and colors to be able to practice cycling in any condition.

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items

A good jacket to fight the cold on the bicycle

Cycling jackets are those garments that require a more detailed purchase, since their choice for the components and features that make up (and not only for the price) will depend largely on our enjoyment of our bike during the cold months of the year.

Some small recommendations when choosing your jacket are:

Check the material with which they are made, there are many finishes depending on the outside temperature to which they are intended, also many of them include a coating repellent to water and wind to a greater or lesser extent. Very important is also the ability of the fabric that conforms to expel sweat and excess temperature inside our body, we must try to avoid that our inner shirt or our jersey end up soaked with sweat.

Check that it has protection against the cold in the neck area, it is also advisable an extra protection in the lower part of the back to maintain the impermeability when we pedal standing.

If the cuffs carry some embedded material that favors its attachment to the wrist, silicone band type, will prevent the sleeves are easily uploaded and also that you enter the air.

The quantity and disposition of the pockets is also important, some of them include waterproof zips, keep in mind that they should be opened and closed easily since you will handle them with long and thicker gloves than usual.

Many light or thin jackets incorporate holes in the back that allow access to the pockets of the jersey in case of wearing it.

In many areas of our territory the choice of a good jacket together with a quality thermal shirt make the use of a long jersey unnecessary.

Every time it becomes more necessary and it is recommended that the cycling garments include some reflective element that improves our visibility.

Two of the most used Specialized jackets are the Therminal and the Element, which incorporate comfort and performance technologies such as the SL Soft that applies a hydrophilic treatment that allows the sweat to be transferred to the outside, keeping our body dry, waterproof membranes or the revolutionary polyester Platinum 241 WR that avoids the feeling of rigidity when wearing the jacket making it more flexible and therefore comfortable on the bike.

The cyclist raincoat, a great complement for winter.

You can carry it folded in your backpack in the back pocket of your jacket, it sure does not bother you very much, it is a garment that can save you from many troubles, not only with regard to rain but with the wind with very early departures and that the cold catches you something unsuspecting.