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Cycling Shorts and Thigts 

Cyclist bib shorts for Specialized, Ale, Gobik and PR1ME. Buy your shorts, trousers and thights for winter or summer season, available in various sizes, models and colors, also specific colottes for women.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items

► Cycling bib shorts

The bib shorts are one of the key parts of the cycling equipment. Their main function is to protect the perianal area of the cyclist by means of the chamois (cushioned part in the perianal area of the bib shorts) to avoid chafing, injuries and the characteristic numbness that produces to ride for hours on the saddle of the bike. There are several things to consider in relation to bib shorts, among them we highlight the following:

↳ The pattern of the garment varies depending on whether it is for men or women, to adapt to their different physiognomy. Women's bib shorts are shorter, with a tighter waist and a larger hips profile, and the chamois has the padding shifted to outward points, to fit the bones of the female pelvis.

↳ Depending on the frequency and intensity with which cycling is practiced, a bib shorts must be chosen with the appropriate chamois, which must be sufficiently breathable, comfortable and with the right quality.

↳ This garment is worn with nothing underneath, since both the chamois and the fabric of the rest of the bib shorts are designed to go in direct contact with the skin. This is the only way to absorb and evacuate to the outside the perspiration of the thighs and the crotch, to keep the body dry and reduce the temperature produced by the effort and friction when pedaling. Avoid tightening the waist of the bib shorts to allow air to pass and thus maintain the effectiveness of this garment.

↳ As it is a tight garment, choose the correct size that fits the body without too much tightening or loosening. If possible, a test should be performed on the bicycle seat in the usual posture, to ensure that the straps have the proper length, the chamois is placed correctly and the socks are sufficiently wide.

↳ The bib shorts should cover practically the whole thigh to the knee, although the summer models can be shorter, covering only the middle of the thigh. These models have less muscle compression but the beams are effective for long rides. The weight is also indicative of the muscular compression offered by the bib shorts.

↳ The color of the bib shorts must be taken into consideration, especially if it is used for city or road routes. The more striking and vivid the color, the more visible the rider is for drivers.