Now you can buy Diadora shoes for road in a Trivex II, Vorter Racer II in its normal and X version or the striking and high performance D-Stellar. In Shimano you will find a wide selection of shoes for sale, both for road and mtb, we highlight in a range of first price the SH-MT23, MT65 or MT45 or booty shoes SH-M089, MW5 or MW81. In the Italian brand SIDI you have models for both men and women, highlighting the Buvel, Level, Genius, Dominator, Kaos and Drako.

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Cycling Shoes 

Specialized, Sidi, Shimano, Diadora and Pearl Izumi road or mountain cycling shoes. Various models and colors, including limited editions and SWorks, Expert, Comp, Tahoe... models. Also available woman cycling shoes for spinning or mtb and casual shoes like Skitch, 2F0 or Cadette.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 40 items

► Cycling Shoes

In our website you will find a wide catalog of specific shoes for cyclists, especially destined for road and mountain. Cycling shoes are usually attached to the pedals with a system called "clipless", so that the rider can transmit all the power from the legs to the pedals and, at the same time, maintain a correct position of the foot on the pedal. This will make pedaling more efficient and the rider will tire less. To release the foot pedal, simply rotate the foot slightly so it comes out of the foot. It is important to choose the shoes depending on the pedal we have, since there are models with different anchors.

Road shoes are very light and rigid footwear, with a flat sole with a large surface that fits better to the surface of the pedal. They are not sneakers with which you can walk comfortably, as their stiffness prevents the foot from flexing properly. Most road models fit the clipless system.

↳ The main characteristic of mountain shoes is the hardness of their sole, as the practice of mountain biking leads to irregular terrain that requires a lot of stability. It doesn’t mean that the shoes are not flexible or they don’t fit the foot of the cyclist, but on the contrary, since they are also designed to be comfortable in case the cyclist needs to get off the bike on terrains with unevenness and mud. However, it is true that these are heavier models than the road ones. Some of these slippers include hooks for the clipless system, but models can also be found without these anchors.

A note of the Specialized shoes is the use of the practical and advanced dials Boa, with this practical and simple system is achieved a practically micrometric adjustment to our foot, managing to bring the shoes with the desired tightening in each desired condition.

Specialized cycling shoe catalog

One of the most popular Specialized cycling accessories currently are the shoes, one only has to look at the UCI World Tour races or the XC World Championship and we can see how a good number of cyclists use them even if they do not run on Specialized team, the range of models offered in addition to covering all cycling disciplines also includes specific varieties for women.

▸ Road shoes for men; one of the most important products in Specialized, includes Torch 1.0, Torch 2.0, Torch 3.0 and SWorks in Sub6 (strings) and SWorks 7 versions with limited editions.
▸ Casual cyclist shoes, we have the Skitch, the perfect model to make "pum tracks" or just to go to work.
▸ Mountain shoes for men; covering many of its disciplines, from the semi-casual 2F0 to the competitive SWorks XC, we passed the Sport, Comp and the very accomplished Expert XC models.
▸ Women's specific road shoes; of the series #SpecializedWoman designed by and for women, we offer at a very affordable price the Sonoma and Spirita Road, although mostly it is the case that in road cycling women also acquire men's shoes.
▸ Women's specific mountain shoes; with 5 models currently available, also used for the practice of spinning, stand out the Tahoe, Motodiva, Cadette and the very accomplished and spectacular Riata.