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I bought a saddle and it was a good price but the messenger was delayed two days
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Cycling Jerseys and Tops from Specialized, Sportful, Ale, Gobik and PR1ME. Several sizes and models for man and woman.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items

► Cycling jerseys

All cyclists know well that not any shirt is good for cycling, but the perfect garment is the jersey. The main characteristic of the jersey is that it adapts to the body of the cyclist perfectly and it is breathable, to avoid the annoying friction that can occur by movement and excess sweat while achieving greater speed and endurance. When choosing a good jersey, certain factors must be taken into account:

Gender: The pattern with which cycling jerseys are made is very different between men's models and women's models, since the physiognomy of both is not the same. Women's jerseys are slightly shorter and more fitted at chest height to fit their body better. There are also sleeveless women's jerseys that avoid friction and discomfort in the arms.

↳ The materials: There is a great variety of fabrics with which the jerseys are made, but the most common are polyester and lycra, because of its breathable qualities and elasticity. Many manufacturers apply special treatments to improve evaporation and sweat drying or to incorporate UV protection.

Visible and reflective elements: One of the most sought after features in cycling equipment is that it is highly visible to others, so most jerseys are light colored, flashy or fluorescent. Whatever the main color of the jersey, practically all of them include elements such as the sleeves, neck or logos in neon yellow, neon pink or white for the rider to be visible, especially on the road.

↳ The regulation: According to the weather conditions of the place where cycling is practiced, the jersey must adapt to cold climates, isolating from low temperatures, or warm climates, allowing the regulation of sweat and avoiding excessive heat.

Accessories: some jerseys include silicone straps or other similar materials on the sleeves and the bottom for a better attachment of the garment to the body. The jerseys can come without zipper, with zipper from the chest or integral zipper. The advantage of the last two is that they can be opened during the race if the cyclist has too much heat.

↳ Back pockets: The vast majority of jerseys include one to three pockets at the back in which to carry water, energy bars, keys, the telephone, money, etc. Some jerseys incorporate zip pockets for added security.