We already have the Specialzied SWorks tyres that have been released as a novelty for this year for the families of Ground Control tires in 2.1, Renegade in 2.1 and the Fast Track in 2.1 and 2.3, all logically with 2Bliss Ready cover.

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Cycle Tyres 

Specialized mountain, road, urban and CX tires, available in different sizes and widht in 2 Bliss Ready, Armadillo, BlackBelt or Gripton compounds. Select it in clicher, presta, shraeder, tubeless or tubular versions.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 39 items


Specialized has been manufacturing bicycle tyres for over 40 years in all its forms from the basic sport range to the more sophisticated S-Works, which is why they have achieved a high level of specialization and adaptation in everything that is related to the obtaining of a tyre oriented not only to a type of cycling practice but also to a specific driving style or performance in terms of rolling, speed, traction, tacking, expulsion of water or mud, weight and resistance to punctures. All of this originated a specific terminology depending on the technology used in its manufacture; we explain some of them in a simple way.

Covers according to the manufacturing compound

2 Bliss Ready: Tyre ready to use anti-puncture liquid and not tube, remember that it will be necessary to use an appropriate rim bottom on adapted rims.
Armadillo and Black Belt: It uses a specific type of compound and carcass that increases the resistance of the tyre against punctures, adding an inner reinforcement in the tread. The Armadillo cover has this reinforcement in the band of rolling as on the flanks.
Gripton: Compound that improves the tyre grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Tires according to the type of tire

Clincher: refers to the specific road tyres, to use tube and cover.
Presta: tyre to mount in tubes that use the fine valve.
Schraeder: tyre for mounting on tubes that use a thick valve.
Tubeless: tyre ready to not mount tube.
Tubular: Pneumatic / deck set ready to be glued to the rim.

Typology of Specialized tyres for MTB

6Fattie: larger tyres that have more surface contact with the ground, which means more control when rolling, meaning we gain more security.
650B: smaller, lighter and more playful wheels, for a more agile driving and faster accelerations.
29 inches: essentially larger wheels which can reach a greater speed on any type of terrain and grant greater ease in overcoming obstacles.