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Cycle Soks 

Specialized Cycling Socks for mountain or road, choose the color that you like and the height of the sock between long or short socks for summer or winter.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items

Specialized socks for cycling, comfort and technology.

Specialized cycling socks not are only socks for cyclists, in addition to a design with colors often striking to improve our visibility both on the road and in the mountains have a technology based on performance and comfort for the practice of cycling be as comfortable as possible.

We have the differentiation between socks for cycling in summer or winter, in the case of Specialized usually differentiated by the label Summer or Winter, we must take into account that our feet it is one of the parts of the body that in the practice of cycling can suffer especially at the level of chafing, that is why the sock fabric must be different since both the temperature, humidity and breathability conditions are different in each season of the year. In the range of Specialized socks for summer we find the models RBX Comp, SL Elite and SL Team, all of them made with a fiber called Skinlife that together with the polyimide thread helps to keep the foot fresh at every moment expelling sweat to the exterior. Of these socks we also find their counterparts for winter cycling, where the Thermocool yarn is incorporated which helps maintain a constant temperature of the feet at low ambient temperatures, in this case we have the SL Elite Winter, RBX Comp Winter and the Pro Winter that is also made with Thermlite that makes them perfect for cycling long distances. in the case of the Specialized Merino parate its composition is in wool, for the cyclists that they need.

Another feature of a winter cycling sock compared to summer is its height, being shorter in summer, sometimes even reaching the level of the ankle and on the contrary in winter it is longer to increase protection.

The design of the cycling sock is also very important, in the case of Specialized, it uses twisted yarn and a different compression on each of the parts of the foot, in addition to avoiding uncomfortable folds that can cause friction, you get a perfect fit to the foot at the level of the instep, heel and sole.

Regarding colors, it is not always necessary to choose socks that, in addition to combining perfectly with our equipment, can also offer us that extra extra visibility, for this Specialized introduces in its collection socks some striking designs with bright colors to offer a greater protection to the cyclist.