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Clothing accessories 

Cycling clothing accessories such a arm warmer, leg and knee warmer, shoe cover, tubulars or caps of Specialized, Mavi, Northwave and Shimano. Available in several sizes, colors and many designs to men or women.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 35 items

Cycling clothing accessories.

Cycling clothing accessories can offer us many advantages, for example to change of temperatures on the day or drastic down of this during winter. Accessories like leg warmer, arm warmer, knee warmer, tubular, caps or shoe cover and toe cover have many special designs and materials that help you to keep the maximum performance and get all your goals. Exist many features that you can be taken for consideration when you choose these accessories:

↳ Season: some these cyclist's accessories have a technology and specific materials for low temperatures getting the maximum protection for cold, rain or snow. This allow to adapt you to all weather conditions where you do your roads without rest you comfort or performance.

↳ The materials: exist many fabrics that provides to accessories has breathable qualities improving evaporation and sweat drying, a high elasticity, wind or water resistance or incorporate UV protection. In this section you can find many types of fabrics for example Lombardia fleece, cotton, eVent, Gold, etc. that allow to protect you on the correct form, fitting you efficiently thanks to their different advantages. 

↳ Reflective details: one of the aspects more interesting in cycling equipment is that it has with flour or reflective colors or details that help us to increase our visibility on adverse weather conditions o low visibility. A lot of clothing accessories that you can find has a reflective or neon yellow details.

↳ Closure type: body fits is one of the most important features of accessories due to this avoid a possible hurts or the rain can access into ii. Some of this accessories has an elastic band providing secure and friction-free fastening without it make that our performance decrees. On the other hand, exist other clothing accessories that it has velcro, zipper or combination of both closure for a custom fit.