Continuing with the constant evolution and research in saddles, Specialized has evolved its Power saddle to two new versions, the Power Pro Elaston and the Power Arc to improve on the one hand the comfort of the padding in view of the cyclists who use it in long routes, and in the case of the Arc to model its shape to fit another type of cycling physiognomy, as always to the latest cycling avant-garde. In our website you can already buy both models in the available colors.

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Specialized saddles for road, mountain bike or triathlon cycling in any of its versions; road, mountain or triathlon. The Specialized saddle is one of the most technically developed in terms of comfort, comfort, weight and performance. In our catalog we have Expert, Comp, Sport, Sworks ... including specific designs for men and women with Body Geometry Fit technology (BGFit ) so important in the saddle.

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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items

Specialized saddles, made by and for cyclist.

In our stores you will find a great variety of Specialized saddles, which stand out for the incorporation of innovative materials and technology that makes comfortable and efficient saddles with no equal.

↳ Specialized Body Geometry Technology

Specialized saddles feature the Body Geometry technology. That means they are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to provide exceptional comfort and support. This design avoids the pains commonly associated with saddles, caused by the compression of the nerves and arteries, by increasing blood flow in men, and alleviating soft tissue pressure in women. We highlight the Power range saddles, with a Body Geometry design that serves both men and women.

↳ Saddle padding

Specialized saddles are designed to maximize comfort in all sorts of situations, and it is essential for the padding to meet lightness and fluffiness requirements. Specialized diferences among three different levels of padding to indicate the amount and density of the padding:

Level 3: a seat with extra padding for increased vibration dampening. The Avatar Expert saddle or the Lithia Comp Gel are examples of this level of padding.

Level 2: with medium density foam that conveys a good feel on the bike with the just amount of filling. The Romin Evo and Phenom saddles are examples of this level of filling.

Level 1: the lightest level of padding for the most direct connection to the bike. The S-Works Romin, Power Pro or Toupé Gel Expert saddles are some of the level 1 fill.

To conform the padding, the following materials are commonly used:

PU foam: Polyurethane foam is a porous plastic material known as foam, very versatile in terms of uses and also used in mattresses, and as a padded padding on sofas and chairs. The Henge Sport saddle or the Power Arc Expert include, among others, this type of padding.

Gel pads: Some saddles include gel pads to increase seat comfort, especially on long routes. We highlight the Phenom Comp Gel or the Lithia Comp Gel as examples of this type of filling.

EVA Padding: popularly known as EVA rubber, it is a thermoplastic material that has become known as an element for crafts, but is used in a wide variety of products requiring quilts thanks to its impermeability and fluency and lightness. We have the S-Works Phenom and Romin Evo Pro saddles with this padding material.

Elaston foam: a construction composed of small bubbles that expand into the foam, providing a feeling equivalent to a pillow instead of a foam. We currently have the Power Pro Elaston saddle with this type of padding.

↳ Seat weight

A decisive factor for optimizing the bike performance is its weight, and the materials of some parts of the saddle influence the final weight of the saddle, especially those that make up the shell and the rails. The lightest material used by Specialized is the brand's exclusive FACT carbon fiber, followed by titanium, Cr-Mo, and steel being the heaviest.

▸ Some saddles with FACT carbon shell and / or rails are the S-Works Power, S-Works Toupé, Power Pro, S-Works Romin and S-Works Phenom.

▸ The most prominent titanium rail saddles are the Romin Expert Gel, Avatar Expert, Power Pro Elaston, Power Arc Expert, Sitero Expert Gel and Power Expert.

Cr-Mo rails saddles include the Lithia Comp Gel, Avatar Comp Gel, Romin Evo Comp Gel, Phenom Comp, Power Comp, Myth Comp.

↳ Adaptive Edge Technology

Beyond Specialized's Body Geometry technology, some of the new saddles are made with the new Adaptive Edge technology. These saddles have been made with a softer material on the edge of the saddle so that it conforms to the shape of each rider's anatomy without a break-in period. These saddles work with the rider from the very first ride and provide unprecedented comfort. Including this technology, there are the Phenom Expert, Toupé Comp Gel, Phenom Comp, Phenom Pro, Toupé Pro and Toupé Expert Gel saddles.

↳ SWAT Mounts

Many of the Specialized saddles have SWAT compatible mounts, molded into the saddle base to allow sleek and integrated storage solutions. These mounts ensure that you can transport the essential accessories for mountain or road routes in a safe, light and organized way. Some of the saddles that incorporate the SWAT compatible mounts are the Myth Comp, Avatar Expert, Henge Sport, Power Comp and Avatar Comp Gel among many others.

↳ The covers

Specialized saddles come with different types of covers, including synthetic leather (BG2 Sport MTB and Riva MTB), which is lightweight and waterproof, a low friction welded material (Sitero Expert Gel), sturdy covers reinforced with carbon fiber (Lithia Comp Gel) or the Micromatrix covers, which are the most resistant, light and waterproof covers (Romin Evo Comp Gel or Toupé Pro among others). Some saddles, such as the S-Works Phenom or the S-Works Toupe, have low-friction nose and / or rear panels are included to improve an efficient pedaling and optimal cyclist mobility on the saddle.