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missing a lot of material on the web
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I bought a saddle and it was a good price but the messenger was delayed two days
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Specialized bicycle Bags, storage & EMT tools 

Specialized saddle bags and storage strap to carry your tools, spare tyre, personal documentation or anything else you want in the most comfortable and safe way possible. Choose the type of bag according to its capacity, color and type of anchor to the bicycle (under the saddle, the seat post, the horizontal tube ...). Buy your Specialized EMT tool here!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

Storage bags, the tools of your bike always at hand

Very useful to transport tools, bottles of co2, your documentation ... The bicycle bags have evolved over the years to provide us with a safe, comfortable and above all useful transport, such is the case that now many of them incorporate fabrics that they avoid the entrance of water in situations of rain, in addition in the case of the bags Specialized adapt perfectly to certain models of bicycle, passing practically unnoticed maintaining a very sober aesthetic.

Depending on the need you have you can choose the type of bag you need, we currently have 3 types of storage for the bike;

  • The bags lower saddle, offer a good storage capacity and are fixed both to the rails of the saddle and the seatpost, they are usually compartmentalized inside to favor their organization.
  • The bags or compartments for the horizontal tube, made with a more rigid material than the conventional bags, since that way they do not harm the aerodynamics of the bicycle when they are tied behind the power, very used to store gels or sticks in them. your consumption on the fly.
  • The storage strap, fully compatible with SWAT, have the right and necessary without any additional coating, it is a compact fixation of the tool to the base of the saddle by a velcro tape.

Specialized EMT Tools

Designed to have at hand the necessary tools for any unexpected that may arise on the road, from the MICRO version that is capable of mounting 6 tools in the smallest possible space to the most complete and specific mountain versions with the EMT MTB or bicycle road with the EMT Cage Mount Road.